US Stock Trading Ideas -- Practice Only | 31 July 2019

By Aiza Belle | 30 July 2019 | |

And the main idea this week for stocks is to close all positions and wait until Fed rate cut tomorrow before jumping in again.

Or better, just wait for summer to be over.

So this was how my demo US stocks portfolio looked like (based on last week's ideas), before selling them:

US Stock Portfolio - Demo Account Only

ZBRA - Zebra Technologies

Last week's entry:
ZBRA July 2019 Daily Chart

ZBRA July 2019 Performance
Wow, that jump! If it weren't for Fed tomorrow, I would leave this trade open.

 PRK - Park National Corp

Last week's entry:
PRK July 2019 Daily Chart

PRK July 2019 Performance
Not much upside movement like ZBRA, but at least we're still in the green.

ACLS - Axcelis Technologies

Last week's entry:
ACLS July 2019 Daily Chart

ACLS July 2019 Performance
That bowl chart pattern gives a signal that this has potential to climb up to at least 20. I'll get back to this stock next week.

So my stock demo account earned around $1,100 so far. Wish I can do this same update about my live trading in FX publicly, show actual $ amount here too without feeling tremendous pressure to perform (and outperform) each time. 

US Stock Demo Porfolio Balance - July 2019

I used to do this sort of update when I was still demo trading FX too back then. It's always so much easier psychologically if there's no real money involved. It's a different demon when not only your emotional well-being is on the line, but also your future. 

But hey, trading isn't a sprint. More like a marathon. The fact that I survived trading full-time for almost 4 years now (and counting) brings me enough joy despite having a bunch of pending things I haven't checked in my To Do list still.

As what I remember reading in Brett Steenbarger's book (forgot if Trading Psychology 2.0 or The Daily Trading Coach), always trade in the right state of mind and also environment. Never put added pressure on yourself, else your trading performance will get weak. Like an athlete, always trade while in an optimal state.

Speaking of optimal state, just for fun, I wanna compare my weekly performance in US Stocks trading with Ricky Gutierrez, and see how I'm doing.

I hope he shares the percentage weekly though because that's what I want to compare instead of dollar amount. I joined his team's Discord channel too, but I find it too "noisy" compared to my FX broker's Discord which is easier to follow with because of its smaller size.

Feature image by Tim E. of Unsplash


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