Shut Up and Trade chronicles the trading ideas and lessons learned in my current journey of trading stocks, FX and indices full-time. The name of this blog was inspired by this meme:

Pretty much how most of us retail traders act in the market -- hopefully that money returns with even more money to trade another day, instead of being eaten alive by the institutional traders or some sleazy brokers after getting carried away by some hype or FOMO.

I guess I'm one of the lucky few who never experienced blowing up an account. Edit 10/2021: I paid the price in crypto lol! It was a very humbling experience.

I do still have many things to learn about the markets especially since they change a lot over time--- so keep in mind that the trading ideas and opinions expressed here don't guarantee wins with 100% certainty (no such thing!). 

Always do your own research and develop your own trading "playbook".

The main goal of this blog is to show the reality that trading isn't a get-rich quick endeavor-- trading properly (and profitably in the long run) requires risk management to consistently grow our live accounts, and even use some of the gains to fund or expand to other legit businesses (instead of trying to impress people with fake lifestyles, with hopes of luring some gullible people into buying some scammy trading course and signals).

Stay humble, and keep the positive vibe and numbers going!




Aiza Belle is a day trader who loves analyzing patterns not only in charts but also the human psyche. She is a graduate of BS Business Administration and Accountancy in University of the Philippines Diliman, and a Certified Public Accountant and Real Estate Appraiser. She started trading local stocks (PH) back in 2012, then added forex by 2014, and oil and metals by 2015. She decided to quit the corporate world to trade full-time in 2015. She was performing well consistently until the US elected a new President who tweeted a lot and disrupted her trades by 2017-- a wild card and not even remotely incorporated in her trading strategies. By late 2018, after a lot of tweaking and trial and error, she finally started recovering -- until she got lured into NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

During off-trading hours, she's currently busy tinkering with lines of codes in MQL4 and Python, and managing her small businesses. Her other interests include machine learning, creating digital content, playing video games, dabbling in music production, and doing digital art.

If you have any inquiries or just want to connect, you may contact her here.

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