US Stock Trading Ideas -- Practice Only | 24 July 2019

By Aiza Belle | 23 July 2019 | |
US Stock Trading Newbie

Before I started trading live in Forex, I have posted a couple of trading ideas in my Babypips Journal back then. Too bad the site already went down and got replaced now with a newbie forum. I thought, why not do the same here and see how I struggle being a newbie again 😰

To be honest, I miss my newbie days. Everything felt exciting years ago and since my mind wasn't cluttered with too many strategies and real-life contradictions, my trading remained very simple and fun. I diligently followed textbook theories and felt more in-tuned with my intuition. I think I have more common sense back then too.

I want to get in-touch with that self again, make trading fun and not boring. Maybe a little excitement is ok, just not too much. Don't get me wrong though. I love trading but it did get monotonous, repetitive and generally boring over time with me just trading the usual asset classes. I wanted to try something new that isn't as risky as trading HFT algo in futures using my questionable internet speed or buying exotic derivatives.

So here comes US stocks.

SP 500
Chart from Bloomberg

Since I haven't found a trusted broker outside US (i.e. not located in the Cayman islands, Cyprus, and the like) I'm currently only demo trading US stocks unlike FX, our local PH stocks and occasionally cryptocurrencies which I trade live, so do keep that in mind when checking out my stock trading ideas below -- use them at your own risk haha!

I won't be posting these ideas in Tradingview (and Twitter) because these are only demo, but I will provide chart screenshots. Unlike with live accounts, it's pretty safe to publicly share how my demo account is performing here so I will provide screenshots to that too.

If it goes well within a year or 2, then I'll jump aboard with another live account.💪

US Stock Trading Ideas - 24 July 2019

Buy ZBRA - Zebra Technologies
I like its recent higher highs in the weekly chart and RSI. Need to watch out for its upcoming earnings report by the 7/30/2019.

ZBRA July 2019 Daily Chart
ZBRA July 2019 Weekly Chart

Buy PRK - Park National Corp
Its big bearish engulfing candle in the monthly chart tells me that PRK will continue downtrend. But just want to day trade this a bit and make quick bucks at around 100-120 level if a bounce happens after the hammer candle.

PRK July 2019 Daily Chart
PRK July 2019 Weekly Chart

Buy ACLS - Axcelis Technologies
It's funny how Ricky ignored this stock suggestion from a viewer (well at the time of his video, this stock was indeed giving mixed signals). But right now, it's forming a nice bowl pattern and possible opportunity to climb up.

ACLS July 2019 Daily Chart

ACLS July 2019 Weekly Chart

Waitlisted US Stocks:

  • TALO - waiting for confirmed reversal near 25. No idea why this stock went pfft back in 2014 and never recovered-- or maybe it will pretty soon. Let's see. It's operating margin and company performance seem ok, and it's upcoming earnings are expected to go well too.
  • CLS - waiting for confirmed reversal at around 70
  • TSLA - waiting for earning report to be released later. It has reached its current resistance at 260 though, so we'll see if it will break out that level after releasing its Q2 earnings later or experience a correction instead. In my opinion, market already priced in the better than expected sales this quarter, but we'll see if its stock price still has enough momentum to breakout its current resistance. Edit 7/25/19 5:37 GMT+8: TSLA is canceled in my watchlist now.
Yeah, maybe next time.

Current Portfolio:

The remaining 2 have not been filled yet, hopefully they do later.

US Stocks Portfolio
US Stocks Orders

Edit 7/24/2019 23:31 GMT+8:
The remaining 2 have been filled. Still waiting for the TSLA earnings report. For the meantime, I'm closely monitoring oil while revamping my personal blog and Youtube channels lol.

US Stocks Portfolio to Date

Feature post image by A. Burden of Unsplash.


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