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By Aiza Belle | 05 July 2019 | |

I'm back from a 2-month summer hiatus!

What have I actually been doing in those past 2 months (aka why I didn't actually have a summer vacation lol)?

  • Getting my laptop's fan fixed -- they weren't able to fix it, but I ordered a new fan instead. Hopefully it arrives soon and run well.
  • Setting up my trading system in another laptop-- a bit tricky especially it didn't have Microsoft Office initially and I struggled with its alternative, trying to convert my macros because the alternative doesn't run in Visual Basic (apologies for the late update in the Econ Calendar last time-- unfortunately there's no way for me to make that available in real-time unless Forex Factory and FX Street provide an API Key. I use macro and manually upload that file in Google Calendar).
  • Being inspired by Ricky Gutierrez' car dealership business which he does with his brother on the side when not trading stocks. So I started exploring and studying other businesses I personally find interesting where I can use my trading profits to generate more pipelines. Unfortunately, they take so MUCH more work and will distract me and divide my time and energy in trading.
  • Created a rough feasibility study of someone's business idea -- very profitable, but since that person doesn't have actual business skills and even motivation to work hard for it, I'm expected to actually both fund and run it while he just manages the logistics. I get a few other invites for business partnership from people in the past but so far all of them want me to do most of the work for them. Sigh.
  • Though I took a break in trading live, I got addicted trading stuff in a mobile MMO game (lol) which I'm gonna talk about in my personal blog soon. Also sorting my blog posts so this blog is now purely about trading and all other stuff like gaming will be moved in the other blog.
  • Started demo trading US stocks and cryptocurrencies. So far got interesting results but too early to say my strategy actually works.

What you can see in this trading blog right after this:
  • New FX seasonality post for the month of July 2019 -- will post shortly after this. 
  • Earlier update in economic calendar.
  • Weekly FX trading ideas -- will post early Monday morning instead of waiting for confirmation from whales after London and NY open. Based on past performance, more than half of the ideas go according to forecasted direction (unless there's major news event or Trump tweets). Let's see how it goes. 
  • Monthly trading ideas for both US and PH stocks -- I currently just swing/position trade our local PH stocks overall and not day trade this because unlike FX, the movement here is slower. I also don't want to be overwhelmed with too many alerts in a day. For US stocks, currently just demo trading that since I'm new to it and also still researching a good non-US broker -- if you can recommend something good and reputable, let me know down the comments below or here :)
  • Experimental weekly trading ideas for cryptos. Unlike FX and local PH stocks, also just demo trading cryptocurrencies for now -- trying my best to resist trade it live especially with recent rise in BTC and my current FX broker recently making a few popular cryptos available to trade too. I do still hodl some ETH though with another broker.
  • Trading highlights and end of week performance every Friday night or early Saturday -- this will replace my trading videos since the latter eats valuable time I can use to a profitable hobby (i.e. running my other Youtube channels that are already monetized haha). Also kinda wanna lie low when it comes to trading because of this

Coming soon in the next few weeks:
  • Historical prices available for backtesting trading strategies. Though there are sites currently available for this, we never know if they will stop offering them for free forever. It's still better to have our own record. I'm still figuring out if I'll invest in my own database for this under Amazon with auto-update API, or just cold backup dump zip files in Mega for free lol.
  • Share my own trading struggles and how I overcome them to keep having the right mindset in trading
  • Some overview of my favorite trading strategies, my thoughts when using them or how I developed a few of them, and their pros and cons. 
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