Investagrams Trading Cup 2018

By Aiza Belle | 22 September 2018 | |
Investagrams Trading Cup 2018

For the past few days, I've started seeing some videos popping up in my Youtube Suggested List from this channel called Investagrams.

I shrugged and continued listening to other videos and podcasts in the background, while waiting for my setups and alerts in FX to get triggered. I did note down that channel in my "To Check Later" list though.

Saturday came, and since according to the weather report it's gonna be yet another lazy rainy weekend, I decided to bail on this:
celebrity auditions

Ok. I knew from the start that it's suspicious AF, but I kinda wanted to check it out and share my experience in IG Stories.


So I stayed home instead, finally went through my "To Check Later" list, and when I got to Investagrams, I panicked.

I discovered that there's a stock market competition happening here in the Philippines real soon (like this coming Monday), and last day of registration is already tomorrow.



But before I get all hyped up: is this a powerful sign from the Universe to grab another $$$ opportunity, or simply YouTube's algorithmic powers and actually a test in mastering emotion control? 

Right now I'm still weighing the pros and cons of joining:


  • The -ber months are usually the down period in local stocks, add the recent macroeconomic risks and the "rumors" spreading since the start of 2018 that we're headed to the next recession (with JP Morgan even issuing a guide how to survive it if ever). This is going to be an extra challenging competition especially we're not allowed to short-sell. It's like fighting gravity. 
gravity meme

  • Consistent daily trading is entirely different from trading in competitions. If the former requires managing risks, the latter requires maximizing leverage. It's like marathon vs. sprinting.  Unless I'm at the same caliber as professional poker players and even e-Sports gamers (which I'm not), I have a low probability of even making it to at least Top 40 to get back the cost of joining. Add the fact that I have no experience in joining stock market competitions yet (I did join some in FX, but failed haha). The odds aren't stacked in my favor.

  • I buy and hold stocks on a longer time horizon, but not too long (i.e. 1 year max), instead of day trading stocks like some people I know. So my current strategy isn't aligned with what it takes to legit survive in the competition.


  • It's a good opportunity for me to actually learn a new thing or two, get a new angle or insight, (like when I play video games haha), we never know. It might help me create new strategies in the future, so I want to keep an open-mind, especially the organizers are trusted in this industry and aren't some shady scammers.

  • Though I follow fundamentals when it comes to stocks (for the most part), I'm more technical when it comes to FX. Who knows-- my experience in the latter might actually give me an edge especially it's faster-paced.

  • Joining a competition feels energizing and I can channel that inspiration, use that positive emotion to my advantage when trading live accounts.

Now I have less than 24 hours to actually come up with a strategy exclusively for the competition and backtest it. If it succeeds I'll join, if not (or if I fall asleep haha), then better luck joining next year instead :)

 More information about Investagrams Trading Cup 2018 here.


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