An Apple a Day, Takes Your Money Away

By Aiza Belle | 05 June 2018 | |

Though I mentioned earlier that I don't agree with Warren Buffet regarding his rosy outlook about Apple and the future (only applies to him to be honest, not the majority of people especially the masses and the poor underpaid millenials), as well as with another Apple dude who is so bullish in Bitcoin (same guy who got scammed also with BTCs before), I give a sigh of relief upon seeing George Soros having the same outlook as me-- not saying I'm as smart as he is, I'm nothing compared to him lol, but it just feels nice knowing that you're not too crazy after all because someone with amazing cred and history in the markets is on your side.

Again, not a harbinger of gloom and doom. We're just seeing the signs, as well as the folks there in Finimize:

Well, as long as the illusion of the markets being ok overall is there and the central banks and government and the rest of the people can hold things together, then screw those who say it's gonna tank soon, yes?

But what did they say about Emperor's new clothes, and ignoring a problem until it's too late?

That's right. More profit on those who bet against the status quo. Eventually. If you ignore the fundamentals, it's just a matter of time.

Putin is smart for being contented with $60 oil (unlike those who want it $100), else the next market crash will begin in the Arabian deserts instead of Rome.

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